Samantha Cook, MS, LLP 

Samantha has a Master's degree in Clinical Health Psychology. She has experience working with adults struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, substance abuse, and health concerns. Samantha has an integrative approach and uses cognitive behavioral therapy as well as mindfulness techniques to collaborate with the client to address their needs. She is currently seeing clients in Dearborn and Ferndale

John Flood, MA, LLPC

John received his Master's degree in Counseling from Oakland University. John has experience working with individuals who suffer with mental illness, depression, anger, anxiety, and family and relationship problems. John's emphasis is on Community Counseling. He is currently specializing in Couples and Family Counseling.

Brian Kitson, MA, TLLP

Brian received his Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy from Wayne State University. With his emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy, he is adept in working with individuals at any age or in any stage of their lives. His therapeutic focus is with individuals who may be struggling with depression and anxiety, specifically in the LGBTQ community. Brian uses an eclectic approach to therapy, allowing for therapy to form and adapt to the individual’s needs and wishes for therapy. He currently sees clients at the Dearborn, Brownstown, and Ferndale locations.

Brook McKay, MA, TLLP

Brook holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy and a background in Music Therapy. She has over 10 years' experience working with a diverse range of individuals, couples and families experiencing relationship difficulties, eating disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, depression, anxiety, bereavement, and/or substance abuse. While Brook treats a wide range of issues, she specializes in working with relationship issues and couples of special needs children. She is also providing Autism Evaluations. Brook's therapeutic approach is as unique as each of her clients who make the proactive decision to receive professional support. Currently, she is seeing clients and performing evaluations at the Ferndale location.